Exquisite…a continuing story….part 1

  Exquisite lives a life the center of attention. No wallflower this
chick. It’s nothing she does, but everything she is. Do you ever
stop to watch an especially bright, flickering star in the dark sky?
Call it ‘Exquisite’. Have you ever left your personal abode and
realized that the stars aren’t visible to your naked eye?…dark,
wasn’t it? That’s life without ‘Exquisite’.
  Once upon a long ago time, there was this amazingly funny
television show called, That Girl. It was about someone similar.
This girl had it all, she was what girls wanted to be and who men
wanted to be with. The show and the girl in it, were cultural phe-
nomenoms. In comparision, she was a minute where ‘Exquisite’ is
a day.
  As was already mentioned, Exquisite has many faces, unlike some
who wear masks to hide their darkness, she embraces everything
with boundless energy, no masks needed. What you see is purely
Exquisite. This inability or tacit refusal to wear masks to hide her
dark side causes deliberate misunderstandings or downright
judgemental hatred from those that either wish to be her, be with
her, or fear her for being someone who dares to not need
masks. The thing is, Exquisite isn’t aware of her own magnetic
attractiveness, nor of the power she holds as the center of
attention. She sees herself as just like any other dancer on the
dance floor of life.
  Exquisite doesn’t know that with people who wear masks in
order to hide a facet of themselves, comes a tremendous
pressure to not be found out, so when someone comes
into their atmosphere completely unfettered, it causes
tremendous fear and trepidation. A fear of the masks falling,
a fear of exposure, a fear of the unknown, a fear of something
being different then their ordered worlds. This fear is felt as
‘hate’ to the stunned and unsuspecting Exquisite.
  Exquisite wasn’t always this sensitive to those troubling thoughts
from such folks. Something, some trauma in her life, caused a
spiral of feelings to go into overload. By the time it was all done,
said, and over with, Exquisite was left in a ball of pain so deep,
it dimmed her bright light considerably almost to the point of
complete extinguination.

to be continued…
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