Exquisite…part 3

  Boy meets girl stories are the same all over,
basically. It was no different for Exquisite and
her guy. In her headlong rush to live her life
came a rush to fall in love and all the grown-up
problems that came with it, but in her true free
spirit ways, the problems were passed over as
just a hump to get over and forgotten. Hindsight
being perfect, those humps were actually signs
of the advancing controlling nature of an
insecure mind.
  It started off with…’don’t you think that’s stupid’,
to, ‘they’re idiots to think that way and so are you
if you agree.’ Slowly, gaining control of her thoughts,
her actions, and her opinions. Slowly robbing her
of her true nature, much like a big game hunter
who sets his sights on owning the rarest of species
in the wild. It’s not enough to admire it and share
it with the rest of us. He has to displace it’s beauty
so that the power of it’s essence is transformed into
  Once Exquisite was ‘caged’, not bodily imprisoned
but spiritually and emotionally imprisoned, he felt
free to roam the prarie again, knowing his true
treasure was his at his will. What he didn’t take
into account, were the forces at work to free
this beautiful rare prize.
  There’s this flower, that opens it’s face up to the
sun as soon as it rises and shines upon it’s lifeform.
The sunflower. If a pair of heavily shodded feet should
trample upon this flower, grinding it into the earth, the
sun could shine 24 hours a day and that bud would
still be forever closed afterwards. And so went
Exquisite’s bud of life, trampled into the earth. But,
human frailty not withstanding since we all are
stronger than we so often know, this ‘bud’ will rise
again. With a bruised and battered soul and not
yet completely whole, once again the center
of attention…Exquisite.
to be continued…
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