Exquisite, the continuing story…part 2

   As a child, from the very start of her walking years,
Exquisite was in a hurry to experience life far beyond
the boundaries of  what those around her saw. As soon
as those tiny feet hit the ground, Exquisite was off and
running to explore. The more she discovered, the furthur
she wanted to explore.
  Not all of Exquisite’s life was happy, but who’s is? She
went through losses that still effect her till this day,
but Exqusite has refused to let those losses slow her
down from living life with much gusto. This gusto for
life , unconsciously, is how Exquisite would come to
‘deal’ with the negatives in her life. She was so good
at it, that not even she could see that the most
negative thing in her life to come, would be from the
nearest influence in her life.
  Before an all consuming relationship that Exquisite
was deep into went south for the winter, she  had a
naive habit of showing her heart and making it
available for all to see and use. In that all consuming
relationshhip, as well as the others that came before
him, Exquisite had a way of making her partner the
center of her existence. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not
naievety to put your all into a serious, loving relation-
ship. Nor to give everything inside yourself when a
promise of togetherness in the future has been
proclaimed between two people. But, when someone
who’s natural nature as the center of attention, is
forced to take a step back out of the light for
someone who thinks he deserves it more simply
by association and not worthiness, it creates a
  For Exquisite, that dilemma turned into a nightmare
when her all consuming relationship partner wasn’t
satisfied with her just taking a step back and
recognizing him as the ‘King’  of all SHE surveyed.
He insidously pushed her deeper and deeper into
the darkness. And that’s somewhere that someone
of Exqusite’s nature, could never hope to survive.
She almost didn’t.
to be continued…….
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