Exquisite…part 10

  There’s a story within this story,
did you find it? If I changed the
words, ‘center and home’  to ‘soul
and heart’  will you get the story?
Exquisite has all the tools to
happiness. So why isn’t Exquisite
  It was a long road for me to find
my center. The center of my
happiness. I came to realize that
nothing outside would bring me
happiness. Not a person, family,
work, entertainment, nothing,
until I could be happy with what
I was on the inside. Cause the
outside is crap, broken down,
and getting worse every minute.
But no matter where I am, home,
the gutter or a stadium full of
chanting people, I will still be me.
Peace comes from within, love
comes with love of self.
  Which means, I feed on hate, hate
doesn’t feed on me. I engender hate
from people just because I refuse
to conform. It comes with the
territory, it’s EXPECTED.
  There’s balance in everything,
everything has a mathematical
equation, including you and your
life, if you have too many positives,
you are off balance and will fall
eventually, same with too many
negatives. Not everything you
may think is negative is negative.
Not everything you believe to be
positive is positive. Unless you
see negatives you can never learn
to appreciate the positives.
  Now if this is confusing to you,
you should now understand why
life is so confusing sometimes.
Let’s try this for example, for the 
most part, a woman can determine
the time of her monthly flow. To all
women everywhere, that is a big
negative, until you miss it and panic
about being pregnant, then it becomes
a positive. It’s all in what fits the
occasion or the moment.
  A controlling parent can be a
negative, but when the chips are
down and you need someone to
give you positive outlooks, it’s
usually that parent. But, how do
you find balance during the
controlling times?  Balance
comes from inside, it’s not
a matter of taking any action,
but a matter of calming your
center with the knowledge that
you are loved no matter what
is said, and they know you love
them, no matter what is said.
No words or attitudes will ever
change that. Belief in that is
felt in your center and it
becomes calm.
The end.
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