Exquisite…part 8

  Exquisite works in the center of the
city, in a three story building, on
the second floor…the buliding’s
center. And in the center office, among
many, but still the center of attention.
She is very much admired, and relied
heavily upon. Exquisite has the
enviable ability to center her attention
onto the matter at hand. She works
harder than she plays. Another facet
of this beautiful person.
  Work is satisfying if a bit much at times.
And as long as no personal lines are
crossed at work, Exquisite is a perfect
picture of diligent happiness. In fact, her
motto is, no crossing lines of the
personal and the business side of
life. Pretty good motto considering
the workplace is a hotbed of gossip
and once you open the door of your
secrets to workmates and things
go wrong, all the whispers seem to
carry your name.
Being able to center her attention
on business is amazing. It’s as if
a bomb can go off and when the
smoke clears she is still centered,
focused on finishing the work.
It’s difficult to put that private
Exquisite with the business one.
It’s almost like watching two
seperate entities. The wild and
carefree dancer, against the tight
fisted, buttoned up business woman.
And then you hear her cries in the dead
of night, and realize that the intricate
threads that connect those two entities
are what’s holding the beautiful Exquisite
to be continued…
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