Exquisite…part 9

  If you were to build a house, a simple
house, you would need tools. You know,
the usual, hammers, saws, building
materials, roofing materials, etc.
On one of the public broadcasting
channels, they showed a film of this
guy that studied species of animals
and insects, build a home. Everything
he built was by his own hands. He
chopped the trees, he trimmed the trees
he made the bricks for the chimney, etc.
After it was done, just before the snow
season, the camera goes inside, and
the house has everything he needs to
be comfortable. Warmth, comfy bed
and chairs, light, and plenty of space
for a couple of his animal friends.
  Exquisite’s life is like that, she went
out and built her home, and what
a beautiful home she’s built.
Exquisite’s home has everything she
needs to be comfy and happy. When
I visit the inside of Exquisite’s home
I see warmth, I see someone I can
be comfortable with, I see beauty
in every detail of her structure.
Now granted, some people who
she allows to visit sees that
same thing, and adore what they
see, even if she does lock them
out sometimes. Loved by animals
and all, especially this equally queen
of every heart, Bella the cat.
  But people who see her from the
outside in, want what she is from
the outside in. And will do anything
they can to lure her from her home
to reside in it for themselves. Then
there are those that provided the
building materials, super critical on
everything from the use of the home,
to how many times they see that home.
And they put a life time fee on the
materials used.
  Every once in a while, Exquisite
locks herself from her home and
can’t find the key.  And it causes
many tears.
to be continued…
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