Mom and Pop Should Never Have Had Kids

Over here in the USA, there once was a condition of marriage in which
you had to attain a blood test in order to be married. I suppose to
make sure you weren’t related to each other. LOL
My mom and dad weren’t related, but somehow, the blood test
must have been missed. Surely, if they had taken that test it
would have showed those messed up genes colliding and
exploding into infinity. THESE PEOPLE SHOULD NOT HAVE HAD 
My dad died from a massive heart attack, but before he did he
was on disability for his heart before he was in his 50’s. His
sisters and brothers, eight in all, all had heart problems, Only
3 of them are living, the 5 that died, died from strokes or heart
attacks. My dads mom, was diagnosed with alzheimers, when
she died, the autopsy showed it wasnt alzheimers after all, she
had been having tiny strokes that suffocated her brain, causing
her death from going untreated.
My mom has cancer, she’s a cancer survivor, I’ve lost 2 uncles
to cancer. My mom’s mom died 5 years ago of throat cancer.
She was my backbone, when noone else heard me, she did.
Recently, they told my mom that she has a syndrome I cannot
pronounce, but it’s causing the weakness in her body and in her
eyes, causing her to go blind. Plus, fibromyalgia runs throughout
my mom’s family, my grandma was disabled from it by the time
she was 50.
I have 6 siblings, 7 of us in all, 5 of us are from the same 2
parents. Loretta, Bain, me, Gerald, and Spring Lynn.
Loretta’s heart is gone, basically the only thing she has going for
her are strong heart muscles. She needs a heart transplant.
Bain played dangerous with her heart for years, most of her
heart problems was caused by a life of drugs. Her heart is
slowly dying, she also has hepetitis. Gerald is the healthiest
of us all, the boy is rarely sick, but he has to take super care
because the doctor told him his cholesterol is at danger levels.
Spring is just beginning to find out how bad her heart condition
is, so stay tuned.
Me, well I started early, once I knew my family’s history, which
I knew of when I was in my 20’s, I watched my diet, exercised,
I walked or rode a bike everywhere. I learned the power of ‘chi’.
But none of that could save me from the monster called
fibromyalgia. ‘Chi’ went out the window when that sucker hit. lol
My heart is good…I think. But, the strokes aren’t really a thing
I could stop alone if they choose to take place,  See it’s in
our genes. When one of my dad’s sister died a few years ago,
the tests done after an autopsy showed that there is a gene
carried by our blood, that makes us predisposed to have tiny
strokes throughout our brains.
So, we’re up the creek without a paddle. I know what your’e
thinking, OMG! But see, there’s laughter. No matter what
we’re going through, we find humor in the situation. Like
my mom going blind and deaf, we’re all like, damn, why
couldn’t this have happened when we were trying to take
ice cream money from her purse back then and got our ass
beat cause she saw that her purse had been rifled through.
My sister Bain had an attack while she was at the club. She
has a defribilator in her chest, what it does is jumpstarts her
 heart if it stops. While she was seated at the table her heart
stopped so the thing in her chest went off, knocking her
out of her chair. She was like, I’ve been shot. She put her
hand over her chest expecting to find blood. When it went
off again, she panicked thinking she was being shot.
When the ambulance arrived, she realized, it was her
defribilator. We still roll at that one. lmao Dumbass.
Yep, I fuss everyday…ma, what were you thinking.
The 2 not my dad’s are healthy buggers. They sux.
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