Patty Panda (a love story) Part one

  In the Zoo of Normalcy, there was born a child, a girl
child. Papa and Mama Panda named her, Patty.  The
first child born to a pair of panda parents that were the
star of the North End of the zoo. That being said, along
with the birth came a lot of fanfare.
"The first panda bear to be born inside the Zoo of
Normalcy has arrived!" the  headlines screamed.
  Folks came from miles around to see her, to admire
her, to laugh at all of her baby panda bear antics.
  Eventually the Zoo of Normalcy returned backed to
normal and Patti Panda grew into a gorgeous panda,
just like her mother. So it was decided that it was
time for Patty Panda to have a mate and move out
of the pen that she shared with Mama and Papa
Panda, and her siblings, Hunky Panda, Starlite
Panda, Sassy Panda, and little Repeat Panda.
After several attempts in the hunt for a mate,
a promising candidate came along, only he
wasn’t a panda. Patty Panda didn’t seem to mind
that Satchel was a Sun Bear, they hit it off right
away. And so it was done, Patty the Panda was
now promised to Satchel the Sun Bear.
Let it be known, that Satchel was not born in
a zoo as was Patty, but he was captured in the
wild and brought to live in the Zoo of Normalcy.
Satchel, being a super intellegent bear, had
acclimatised himself to the Zoo of Normalcy.
Through hard work and diligence, he had made
a name for himself on the South End of the zoo.
to be continued
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