Patty Panda (a love story) Part two

  After a long courtship, and finalized arrangements,
the ceremony for the wedding of Paddy Panda to
Satchel  the Sun Bear, arrived.
"The first panda bear born to the Zoo of Normalcy
is getting married," the headlines screamed. "Come
one come all, to see Patty Panda be joined in
perfect union to Satchel the Sun Bear!"
  Needless to say, on the day of the big ceremony,
the zoo was packed. All creatures from the zoo,
great and small, big and tall, one and all, came forth
to see the spectacle of one of their own get hitched,
including all the stars of the  zoo. There was Cleavon
the Dolphin, star of the South End, Flowers the
Elephant, star of the East End, and Slow-Mo the Lion,
star of the West End. Added to that motley bunch was
the myriads of family to both Patty and Satchel.
Of course there also were the nervous and
scared parents of Patty, and her excited siblings,
Hunky, Starlite, Sassy, and cute little Repeat.
And Satchel’s immediate family, Mama Rude
Sun Bear, and brothers, Charades the Black
Bear, the younger of the group, Sage Sun Bear,
the sweetest of the group, and the oldest
brother, Grump the Grizzly Bear, who, I might
add, will be sitting alone during the ceremony
because of his constant growling and the
intimidating stares he’s passing around. 
  There’s a kind of a hush all over zoo world
as the ceremony unfolds. But as soon as Patty
Panda and Satchel Sun Bear are pronounced
mates for life, the entire zoo erupts into
spontaneous joy.
"They’re wedded, they’re wedded!" the
headlines would scream.
  And off Patty and Satchel was to start a
life of wedded bliss…that was the hope
anyway, that’s what was promised.
to be continued
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