Patty Panda (a love story) Part three

  So off to the South End Patty moved,
to start her life with her new mate, Satchel…
and his brothers, Grump the Grizzly Bear,
Sage the Sun Bear, and Charades the
Black Bear.
At first, it was a life of happiness, Patty
was told that the extra inhabitants were
just temporary. Eventually they will all
find their own caves, Patty was told.
Seeing an end in sight made her new
life of  a cave full of males, livable.
  Patty was left alone a lot, because
everyone went off to do their zoo
duties every morning. Patty decided
with this newfound freedom she would
make the place her own, put her mark
on her new home. In doing so, Patty
discovered a whole new skill she
seemed to be born to do. Preparing
meals that could feed an army. And
not just any regular everyday berries
and fish, but fish souffles and berry
puddings. She had a gift, that she
came to enjoy sharing. Satchel and his
brothers, enjoyed the benefits of
Patty’s amazing skills in the kitchen, too.
  There were also many other benefits
that they enjoyed. Patty was a sweet,
quiet, and undemanding girl, prepared
to take things in stride as long as there
was an end in sight. Cleaning, cooking,
serving, Patty quietly went about doing
the things she was asked to do.
  Meanwhile, Mama and Papa Panda
began to hear things through the zoo
grapevine, and the things they heard,
along with their nest looking empty
without their first born, made Mama
and Papa regret allowing Patty to be
mated so young.
  The regret was so strong that they
became frantic as to whether or not
Patty was happy. For if not, if in the
slightest way she was not happy,
then for them, Patty was with the
wrong mate and should be ready to
walk away. Even if that meant by force.
to be continued
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