Patty Panda (a love story) Part five

  Since leaving her family home, Patty
had a habit of talking to her family
everyday. They missed the little missing
chick and she missed them. During one
of these talk sessions Patty happened
to share her pain with one of her siblings
thinking as usual, what’s said between
sibs stay between sibs. But little did Patty
know that attempting to share her load
would only make that load heavier and
even almost impossible to bear.
  Almost immediately after hanging up
from talking with her sibling, Patty begin
receiving frantic phone calls from Mama
  Little did Patty know that for Mama and
Papa Panda, a door had been opened
that would allow them to get their baby
chick back under their wing, protected,
once again by them. What Satchel had
done wasn’t important, that was just
a tool they would use to attempt to pry
Patty away from Satchel, the bear they
regretted handing their baby over to
long before this moment arrived.
  And if Patty wouldn’t be pried loose
then they would use the power of
shame on Satchel. Whatever it took,
they were willing to do, their dogged
determination was strong.
  Because of all the frantic, threatening
calls, Patty now knew that the little
mole hill had now become a gigantic
mountain and Satchel would have to
be told, upon his arrival home.
to be continued
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