Patty Panda (a love story) Part four

  Even though Patty didn’t hear the rumors
she wasn’t blind to her situation, just
patient. She also wasn’t blind or deaf
to the whispers going on inside her own
cave amongst the brothers. And what
Patty was hearing just didn’t sit right
with her, So she attempted to talk things
over with Satchel, like a couple is
supposed to do, but instead of
answers, she just got a pat on the
arm and told not to worry, things
were fine.
  Time passed, but not Patty’s misgivings.
You see, Patty had a strong conscience
and what she was seeing didn’t sit right
with her. And with things getting worse
Satchel had no choice but to confess
since he was once again confronted
by Patty, this time with proof. Satchel
had aided his brothers in a deception
and that deception had hurt someone.
  Now Patty didn’t know what was worse,
knowing or not knowing.  Patty wasn’t
happy with the explanation, she had
questions, which went unanswered.
  Everyday that passed with no answers
made Patty sadder and sadder. She
needed a friend, someone to lean on
to help carry the burden of knowing
that someone she loved could do such
a thing, even for family. Wrong is wrong.
to be continued
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