Patty Panda (a love story) Part six

  An exhausted Satchel, along with his
brothers, arrived home in the late
evening. An equally exhausted and
scared Patty approached Satchel
and asked to speak to him alone.
Once alone, Patty explained what
happened and Satchel exploded. He
was extremely angry and felt betrayed.
  So having decided that this was
something he may not be able to
forgive, Satchel told Patty to pack,
he was taking her back to her parents,
basically divorcing himself from her.
  At this time, Satchel was thinking
only of his own feelings, of supposed
wrongs done to him, not of the
wrongs he had committed to Patty
and possibly their marriage. For
Satchel it was better to focus on
another’s supposed shame rather
than his own.
  Patty was being punished for
sharing a truth, this left Patty
confused and hurt. And now that
Satchel had made it plain that he
considered Patty and her family
his enemies, she felt very alone.
  After being dropped off at her
family’s home, Patty began to
endure a campaign of mega
porportions aimed at convincing
Patty to leave Satchel for good.
‘Allow him to dissolve the union
and be happy about the seperation’,
they said.
  This was torture to Patty because
she loved Satchel. Every slight
against him made by her family
was like tearing her skin from the
bone. It would leave many scars
for Patty that would take a long
time to heal.
to be continued
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