Patty Panda (a love story) Part seven

  Patty was in hell and because of the
guilt she felt, she could she saw no
way out. Satchel wasn’t speaking to her
and that’s all Mama and Papa Panda, but not to soothe Patty’s ache,
but to make things worse for a marriage
already just hanging on a thread.
  Mama and Papa had their little chick
back in the nest. But they weren’t
happy, they were hurting as much as
Patty, only for different reasons. Patty’s
parents felt like failures, they had not
protected their daughter from what they
had come to believe, rightly or wrongly,
was a bad choice in mates. Their little
chick was unhappy, not because of them
but because of him, Satchel.
  ‘Their little chick needed saving, even if
she didn’t know that yet,’  thought Mama
and Papa Panda. As her parents, the job
fell upon them and they took to the job
at a fevered pace.
  Patty counted the days, the weeks, then
the months, with excruciating pain.
Sinking more and more into depression,
she began to think there was no point
in facing her days anymore. Days filled
with people she had come to resent and
yet another day without the Sun Bear she
had come to love. Patty Panda was very
close to giving up the fight.
  Meanwhile, back at the cave where Satchel
and his brothers lived, Satchel was in a
world of his own misery. On one hand, he
was facing his own shame of knowing
others knew something he felt should have
been kept secret, on the other hand, he
missed Patty. Could he forgive a feeling
of betrayal?
  Some days, Satchel would deliberately
push everything from his mind, working
himself into a stupor to keep from thinking
about it. Eventually, he realized that he had
to make a decision, he couldn’t keep Patty
cruelly waiting forever. So he weighed his
desicion from every angle, including the
advice of his brothers and others. And
Satchel finally informed Patty that now
he was ready to talk, to tell her what
he had decided and discuss what would
come from that decision.
to be continued
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