Patty Panda (a lovestory) Part eight

 Satchel picked Patty up and took her to
a nearby watering hole to discuss their
issues. They talked for over an hour,
shedding tears and holding hands. And
making vows aloud, to each other, and
yet still other vows silently to themselves.
  For Satchel, his outlook to his world became
a black and white issue, simply put, Patty’s
family was bad, his family was good. Patty
was lucky to be in his family, he was unlucky
to be in hers. He was better than Patty. This
was sometimes implied by words, but said
more specifically by actions.
  Back to the cave, together, went Satchel and
Patty. And at first, it was like it was supposed
to be, just Satchel and Patty, alone in their cave
getting to know and enjoy each other’s company.
  And then after a month, the brothers returned,
and so Patty’s life went back to the way it was
before leaving for her parents.  Only this time,
Patty was more aware of her own needs to be
happy and live a normal life instead of a life
being married to a set of siamese twins attached
at the hip.
  Unlike before, Patty didn’t stay inside the cave,
she explored the new side of the Zoo and found
that there were some interesting characters and
things to do. She met many her own age with much
in common with her. She even met an unusual
character that she didn’t seem to have anything
in common with…at first glance.
  Her name was Chattera, Chattera was the oldest
creature in the Zoo of Normalcy. An enormous,
ancient, giant shell tortoise, Chattera had the run
of the Zoo, every section was as familiar to her
as her own shell was. And when she met Patty
it was an instant friendship. As funny as it seemed
while Patty and Chattera looked different,
underneath they were a lot alike, in one of the
most obvious ways was their love of laughter.
  Once Patty and Chattera met, it was as if they
couldn’t make it through the day without each
others company. They not only found laughter
with each other, but solace and support also.
Chattera would give Patty her views on the
corners of the world that she had experienced
and Patty helped Chattera to see the world
less jaded, after all, any world with someone
as sweet as Patty, couldn’t be as bad as
Chattera had come to think.
  It seemed that, over time, the constant
sharing of knowledge between Patty and
Chattera, brought a change in Patty. Patty
grew more self confident, more articulate,
and into a much stronger young woman.
A woman with a renewed purpose.


to be continued
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