Patty Panda (a lovestory) Chapter 10 and final chapter

 There are many ways this story can end, cause
sometimes in life a creator’s characters has to
choose their own ending, and we are only left
  Will Satchel and Patty ever be alone without
Satchel’s family constantly in their lives?
  Does it matter? Or should it just be about the
character of Satchel? The character of Patty?
  Will Patty stay in the cave and wait for flashes
of happiness, or should she go out and find her
own permanent happiness? Will that make her
wedded life better, doing something alone, just
for herself?
  Will the little cracks in Patty’s heart turn into
a broken heart and if so, will she find a way to
repair it?
  My happy ending would be that Patty goes out
and finds her niche and bring the light of knowing
back to the cave. Knowing that she’s there, not
cause of a need, but because she wouldn’t have
it any other way.
  This was called a lovestory, not because of the
love between Patty and Satchel, but Patty’s
growth of loving herself enough to know whether
she cooks, cleans, or works oustide the home, or
rather she is with Satchel or alone, love is based
on care of self and outward.
  The best ways to respect and love someone is to
respect and love self first. Noone can know
automatically what you need as far as love goes
unless you know yourself first.  And since Patty
grew to know what that is, so must Satchel or
whoever is in Patty’s life, grow to know.
  May Patty continue to grow and become someone
she can not only love but respect so that she’ll
make her own happiness with her face facing the
The End
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