Patty Panda (a lovestory) Part nine

  Patty decided that she wanted to leave
the darkness of the cave for the light
and livliness that the Zoo had to offer.
Little had she known how alive and fun
things were. There was more to love
then just Satchel and family, there was
more joy to be had then what was inside
the cave.
  But, Patty still thought that since she was
a couple that these experiences would
be better if Satchel shared with her. After
all that’s what loving couples did, shared
their joys as well as their pains. And Satchel
agreed, at least with words, but when a
date for fun was set, Satchel cried ‘I’m busy
  Patty patiently claimed to understand,
but deep down inside cracks begin to take
place inside Patty’s heart.  As time passed,
before Patty realized it, she was back in the
darkness of her cave, waiting it seems, on
Satchel to change into the portrait he
painted for her before they were wedded.
  Every once in a while, Patty, out of frustration,
would leave the cave and rediscover the light.
Satchel, seeing this frustration, would present
that perfect portrait again and it would get
Patty back inside the cave. Sometimes, Patty
would be happy because she loved doing
things for Satchel, but just like the flashes
of Satchel’s perfect portrait,  Patty’s
happiness came in flashes.
  One day, after one of her frustrating times,
Patty went out and while out she met up
with Chattera. Venting Patty said to Chattera,
‘If only we were alone, then we could be happy.’
  Chattera replied sarcastically, ‘Sure, happiness is
being alone.’
   Patty asked, ‘You have noone, don’t you get lonely
sometimes, Chattera?’
  Chattera, ‘ Being lonely is a state of mind, not a
state of being. No, I am never lonely.’ Chattera
went on to say, ‘People forget, that the original
creation was 1, 2 or more was only created for the
continuence of a species.’
  ‘Love , desires, etc, came after. I’m ancient enough
to know and remember, lawd.’, ‘Not having those
things creates a fear and thus an unhappiness,
not expecting those things creates a calmness
built from appreciation for the things you do have
instead of the things you don’t.’
  Patty and Chattera talked for a couple of more
hours and then each had to go off and do their
own things. Chattera went off to find some nice
shade in order to rest and Patty went off to her
cave to clean, cook, and wait for Satchel.
to be continued
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