The Suit of Armor (the beginning)

  There once was a suit of armor that hung in a tree 10 miles
outside of the City of Jubilee. All who seeked to enter the
city was offered it for protection. All they had to do was
dun it for the protection to began.
  But there was something about this suit of armor that
made the ones that came upon it, scoff and laugh in
derision. Although it was from head to toe, it was lightweight
and made of the thinnest material they had ever seen. When
they tried it on, it was almost as if they wore nothing at all.
  No way, they thought, could this little bit of fluff be any
protection for the likes of a bumblebee sting, let alone
arrows, swords, and bullets. And with that said, they
continued  on in their journey to the City of Jubilee.
  There the suit of armor would sit for many years, until
one day, this kid came along and seeing the suit of armor
said, ‘this is just for me, for I am just starting out and I need
all the protection I can acquire.’  After dunning the suit of
armor, off the kid went to enter into the City of Jubilee.
  The City of Jubilee was not like most cities, they had the
strictest of laws. No weapons allowed. No guns, no arrows,
 nor swords are allowed inside the city. So as all entered,
those that were armed must unarm themselves in order to
enter the city. Everyone did it willingly, happily, for all who
came there was searching for peace anyway. No weapons
equalled peace.
  As the kid entered into the city and begin to maneuver
around the  busy streets and businesses, he noticed that
there seemed to be an unusual amount of anger in the air.
For instance, on one corner, a shopkeeper was sweeping
the sidewalk in front of his barbershop and as someone
walked passed the kid heard him say, ‘Get out of my way,
you ugly toad!’
  The kid was shocked, especially since the ‘ugly toad’ was
a little girl running to catch up with her mother. The kid was
sad when he saw the fear and tears in the little girl’s eyes
as she ran passed him.
  The kid began to feel fear, for if such a small child would
illicit such a harsh reaction for passing the shopkeeper by,
how much worse would it be if he were to pass, he would
render him a good beating he supposed. The kid decided it
was best to cross the street instead.
  As he stepped upon the opposite side of the street’s
sidewalk he heard a loud shout from a guy in an upper
window, ‘Shut your trap, you fat slob!’
  As the kid’s eyes strayed up to where the commotion came
from, he saw the guy and the person he was yelling at, a
tiny little slip of a woman, wide eyed and very pretty. If
anybody was a fat slob, it was the yelling man, thought the
  The kid decided that since there seemed to be so much
hostility in such a small congested area, it may be best for
him to get somewhere with more space and hopefully,
much quieter and nicer people. But just as the kid
picked up speed to get farther away from the center of
the city, he ran into a police officer. Just as the kid said,
‘Sorry, Officer.’ The Officer said, ‘Watch where you’re going,
you stupid foreigner, death to the lot of ya!!’ Spit on the kid’s
shoes and walked away with a final glare  at the kid shot
over his left shoulder.
  Then a funny thing seem to happen, the suit of armor,
that the kid had forgotten he wore, started to tingle.
The tingle went throughout his body. He felt strong,
he felt proud, he felt happy, he felt safe. Such a renewed
sense of purpose overtook him, he was able to walk away
with a smile on his face and a bop to his walk. And as he
passed all the rude people who had made, so far, his visit
to the city unbearable, a sudden hush came over them as
they watched him walk. Even the police officer wondered,
how could it be, that he smiled, how could it be? The silence
lasted until the kid turned the next corner.
  As the kid continued to visit other parts of the City of Jubilee,
he noticed the pattern of verbal insults was rampant
everywhere. He heard it on the side streets, on the main roads,
in cafes, in bars, in schools, and even in their place of worship.
Nothing seemed sacred and the feeling that the town seemed
to leave with all who visited was far from jubilation.
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