The Suit of Armor (the ending)

  But, the kid also began to notice that whenever the insults
turned his way, the suit of armor would ‘react’. On one such
occasion, when the kid stopped by a cornerstore and asked
for directions for a place to lay his head at night, the reply
was a snide comment.
  "Do I look like a Holiday Inn, do I look like a map, what do
I have to do with where you sleep?"
  At this time, the kid felt the suit of armor tingle, but this time,
not only did a rush of good feeling come from it, but a reaction
that the kid knew was not wholly his came forth from his lips.
  "Even though you answered my question with a question, I
shall  gladly answer your question. It is obvious that you are
not a Holiday Inn or a map, for those things are useful where
you are not. I’m sorry if I gave you the impression that you
had to care about where I sleep just by asking a simple
question, I would never ask anyone such as you to commit
such a selfiess act. But, I do thank you for your time and have
a nice day," was the kid’s reply.
  That was only the beginning of it, the kid aslo noticed that
when he would return to these places, the spirit of the places
had changed. The rude guy at the cornerstore was no longer
rude when people asked for help. The kid was amazed and
came to realize the meaning of all that he was seeing.
  The kid decided to buy a spot in the local newspaper and he
placed a two page ad and in that ad he shared his thoughts.
  ‘The most deadly place I’ve ever visited in the region!! The
City of Jubilee!’ was the caption.
  Of course that caused all the people of the city to be angry,
angry enough to buy the paper just to read more to get angry
about. ‘How dare he’, they thought. But, as they continued to
read, anger turned to tears, tears to regrets, regrets to a
sense of shame, shame to a sense of change.
  This is what the kid wrote.
  I am young and so far from wise, I have travelled far, though
I have farther to go, these are the things both you and I know.
There are other things you and I know, so my words should
not be a surprise to you. If they are, I ask you, how can you
not know?
  When I came through the gates of Jubilee, I turned over my
weapons, little did I know the danger that I must traverse
around afterwards. Dangers that no sword or gun could equal,
for the City of Jubille had learned to fashion other weapons
that cut just as deeply, that maimed just as widely, that killed
just as deadly.
  Now I know what you’re thinking, lies, lies, lies. Noone has
weapons in our great city, we would not allow such rubbish.
Am I correct in your thinking? Why we have not lost a life to
violence in 12 years. Again, am I correct in your thinking?
  In actuality, this city is a city of the walking dead. The
weapons that the City of Jubilee has fashioned for themselves
and use with deadly accuracy, has such an innocent name.
They are called words. Yes, folks, words.
  Ask yourself when was the last time you said something nice
to the person standing or sitting next to you. I would be willing
to bet that you would not be able to recall. Now think of the
last unkind word you used. That is, if you still know what the
differences are between kind and unkind.
  One of the first unsightly damaging swipes that I witnessed
happened within the first hour of my visit. A child, much
younger than I, was STABBED with some of these weapons
and noone bothered to fix her wounds. That means that
she is still bleeding. Somewhere, out there, amongst more
weapons, she resides. When she reaches to adulthood,
how much of her will be left to walk around this City?
How much of you is left? How many hits from the constant
barrage of assaults from words did you take before you
did the assaulting?
  Oh yeah, sticks and stones may break my bones…blah,
blah, blah. Are you serious? The tears and pain in the
sad eyes that I saw were real as if those words were
stones that bruised, maybe not skin, but the bruise is
there. Which lasts longer, bruised skin or a bruised heart?
Dare we answer that question? Or shall we throw more ‘
  Words are useful, though how you use them takes skill.
Much like training for use of a gun, we should train our
tongues. Sometimes when we shoot off at the mouth
it misses it’s mark or does no harm, but that does not
mean that it should become our norm. And yet it has
in Jubliee.
  When I am called a ‘nasty foreigner’ it has the capability
of cutting me just as deeply as a sword.  The blood is
there rushing the pain to my heart where it grasps and
tears at it. At least with an actual sword, I can put up a
shield and maybe deflect the swipe, but not with words.
Words can circle you until the shield is down and then
goes straight to the heart.
  So which is more deadly, which more dangerous? If taking
my actual weapons away protects your City from bloodshed,
what will the City do to protect themselves from the bleeding
their fashioned weapons has caused. Your city is bleeding
Jubilee, rivers of blood, caused by the sting from arrows,
the cuts from swords, and the piercing from bullets, only
you call them words.
  So I give you something to be jubilant about and finally be
able to live up to the name you bear, the City of Jubilee…the
most deadly city I’ve ever visited! Let us all celebrate!
  The kid left the city before seeing the results of the ad, little
did he ever know that he had changed the spirit of the city for
all time, he would have been proud.
  As the kid left the town and came upon a tree, he placed the
suit of armor upon the tree so that someone else would also
recieve it’s benefits for the next city. He came to realize the
power of the suit of armor would be with him always. The
suit of armor had shown him that protection was needed for
your heart in more ways than one.
  Once upon a time, there was a suit of armor hanging in a tree….
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