Apple of My Eye

She is a wonder, she is feisty, strong, 
loving, and sweet, she is everything 
to me.
We laugh, we play, we have our
faith, we pray. We argue, we make 
up, we’re like hot chocolate in a
cup. She’s the marshmallows I’m
the chocolate, hot or cold, we
are forever partners.
From the start, our connection
was strong, we could tell each
other anything, our conversations
were long. 
I’ll never forget how we finished
each other sentences, or typed
the same words at the same time.
Or how we tore down each
other fences crossing every
I love her, I like her, it’s a 
rare thing, she’s like my
sister, my best friend, the
air under my wings.
You heard of 2 peas in 
a pod, pork ‘n’ beans,
chicken and rice, sweet 
and sour, naughty and nice.
We’re all that, opposites
but matched, different but the
same, I’m a lock she’s the
I miss her when she’s away
It’s the funniest thing, I was
never lonely until I found her.
Is that not weird or what?
I miss that crazy heffa I’ll
be so freaking happy when
she gets back.
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