Baby, You’ve Got Personality

there’s the pillow talker
the baby’s mama
the fruit picker
the greedy needy
the juliet
the barbie
the used and abused
the repeater
the lady
there’s the meat market guy
the ken
the romeo
the pick up artist
the hustler
the gentleman
the baby’s daddy
the seedy greedy
and yes
the butcher
the baker
the candlestick maker do exist
The girl that is ‘the pillow talker’ has to have a warm body in her bed.
 It doesn’t matter who he is, what he is, or even if it’s a HE, as long 
as they are sharing a pillow at the end of the day. It doesn’t have to 
be someone with good conversation nor someone that is there for
 her thru the long days she has, just as long as he’s available for sex she’s good. 
Usually married men love this type of woman, they can make up 
the most outrageous lies to tell the pillow talker knowing they’ll
 have someone to have dirty sex with, at least until his wife finds out.
The ‘baby’s mama’ girl is forever her man’s mom, not his girl, his mom 
is his girl. The ‘baby’s mama’ takes care of her guy as if he was a helpless 
child. She does the basics, cook, clean, washes his dirty drawers, and 
when he wants to have some grown up kids playtime, she will hop in the 
sack and and let him have his 10 minutes to fame.
Baby’s mama’s rarely, if ever have orgasms, baby’s aren’t good at 
finishing playing with their toys. Much like actual babies, they have 
their fun and just leave the toys laying  in the place where they last touched them.
The ‘fruit picker’ is a girl that picks her man with a discerning eye, 
but just like most fruits, the guy rottens after a week. She will 
always shop for the sweetest berry, the fruit she picks always has to 
LOOK good, smell good, and sounds good when she thumps it with 
her fingers. And, it has to feel good when she holds it in her hand. 
She weighs her selections carefully, not taking more than what she 
needs. She carefully puts her fruit away, making sure not to bruise 
the fruit in any way, she doesn’t want to use the fruit right away, 
she wants to dream about the taste first, relish the fact that she made 
a great shopping choice. 
She waits so long, she kinda forgets he’s there. Really, for the 
‘fruit picker’ the rush was in the choosing, so when that rush 
burns out days later, she revisits the rush by pulling the fruit 
out and attempts to use it, that’s when she sees his flaws, 
once she starts to taste him, he doesn’t taste as sweet as in 
her dreams, once he’s inside her, he doesn’t feel as good as 
her expectations. Time for another shopping trip.
The ‘greedy and the needy’ girl is sometimes called a sexaholic, 
she craves sex like a vampire craves blood. She’s not looking for 
love, but if she finds a guy that can ‘get busy’ in bed for long hours, 
she will be with him a long time.
This girl usually ends up in a relationship with someone she can 
convince to try other ways to satisfy their sexual needs. 
The more gratifying the sex, the more degrading the acts become. 
While some may look at this girl with disdain, she didn’t get there 
on her on, a man is somehow there like a shadow in her past, 
that created this need in her to replace love with sex. Only 
the pain a man caused a woman or a little girl, can create that
view of herself. The view that she is just a body or a tool to be 
used at will. The proverbial sex toy.
The ‘juliet’ grl is a girl that loves sweet talk cause it sounds like 
love, she loves softness cause it feels like love, she loves roses, 
cause they say ‘love’. She believes in TRUE love, that can only 
happen once in a lifetime love. She actually can end up falling in 
love with a ‘romeo persona’ and when she does, no matter what 
others see in this guy for real, she can’t be made to see it, cause 
it doesn’t fit her ‘romeo persona’. 
‘Juliet’ girls gets cheated on a lot, because they tend to make 
excuses on the guy’s behalf. Even if all the guy says is, "Babe, 
I’m sorry", she is ready to forgive. In her head, she made him 
feel unloved so she has to try harder, she has to be softer, 
sweeter, more of a woman in order to keep his attention.

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