Part III of Personality

The ‘meat market’ type of guy likes a certain cut of beef, 
his favorite cut of beef he will always keep in deep freeze, but 
every once in a while he’ll walk into the same butcher shop 
and asks what’s new, what’s fresh, just to have a change 
every once in a while. But he always ends up going back into 
the deep freeze for his favorite cut of beef.
This type of guy usually has a narrow point 
of view of a woman. He’s not old fashioned, 
more like a male chauvinist attitude. If the meat 
in his deep freeze leaves he’ll just go get 
another one. These guys get girls easily, 
they are usually physically attractive in a 
rough and tumble way and there are some 
women out there that love men that are 
rough and tough, it makes them feel more 
feminine. This are also the type of guy 
that when they do marry, and yes they do 
marry, make pretty good husbands, as 
long as their mates don’t try and change 
them. They rarely  cheat because they 
aren’t too good at being deceptive, 
but if they do it’s usually with a 
prostitute…less work. Though when 
this type get older, they do tend to 
keep mistresses just to make them 
feel like they can still cut the beef.
A ‘Ken’ type of a guy is a lot like Barbie, 
he’s picture perfect. His type is a lot like 
the metro guy of today, he gets facials, 
he gets manicures and pedicures, he 
has a stylist not a barber. He knows 
just as much about clothes as a 
woman does, which is often why 
they are often mistaken as gay men.  
This type of guy does everything 
right in the public eye, he always 
seems to have that perfect smile in 
place. Underneath that look though 
is a dirrty mind…usually.
 The ‘Ken’ type is the guy most likely to
 be a closet freak in the bedroom. He 
will almost always marry the sweet 
girl that he rarely shows that side to. 
For some reason it’s always a girl 
that is not as adventurous in the 
bedroom, so he’ll always use 
that as a reason to stray. 
The ‘Ken’ type is also a type that 
most often has two faces that are 
total opposites of each other. 
Which means when they do get 
emotional, it is like an explosion 
happened, whether it’s anger or grief.
The ‘romeo’ type of guy is a sweet 
talker, a charmer, and a romantic. 
This type of guy believes that love 
is action. Every love song is how he 
feels, every poem speaks his feelings. 
A ‘romeo’ never has sex, he makes love.
Romeos of today can be pretty tragic, 
because they can get possessive of 
the girl, since not every girl that the 
‘romeo’ type of guy finds, is a ‘juliet’. 
So when the person of his attractions 
doesn’t react  equally lovingly to all 
of his romantic gestures, the ‘romeo’ 
can get desperate. He sees small 
things as rejection, like if he sees the 
girl talking to another guy, or if she 
doesn’t answer the phone, or if she 
goes out with friends instead of 
sitting at home holding his hand, to 
the ‘romeo’ type, those things 
scream rejection. 
This is a one girl type of guy, so 
if he falls for a girl that is not a 
‘juliet’ it can spell danger for any 
type of relationship.
The ‘pick up artist’ is a professional, 
so step aside. This type of guy doesn’t 
see no’s as rejection, he just sees a 
missed opportunity to get a girl’s 
number. Getting the girl to fall for 
his lines is his goal. This type of 
guy has many, many, tricks in his 
bag to play with. He can read 
women very well, he can read a
girl’s body language like a fortune 
teller reads crystal balls. 
This type of guy sees women as 
trophies, depending on how far he 
gets with a girl, he will keep an 
accounting of the dates just in case 
he wants to revisit the date again, 
but not too soon though, he 
doesn’t want a relationship, he 
just wants to play and keep his 
bragging rights. He is a very 
surface type of guy, he doesn’t 
think emotionally or deeply, 
only mechanically.
And just like an artist, he has a favorite 
medium, like Rodan loved to sculpt in 
bronze, the ‘pick up artist’  has his 
favorite material in which to create his 
best works. Creating conversation is 
his #1 brush stroke, all girls love a guy 
that listens, the master knows that. His #2 
brush stroke is to see if the girl can follow 
suggestions easily. He may start off with 
something small, for instance, if he meets 
the girl in a club he may suggest they go 
somewhere quieter to talk more, like a 
coffee shop or her place. Although, this 
type like their own spots better, they have 
spaces that’s like their own personal stage 
that they like to perform in. Plus, they want 
the girl to see them as harmless, so at first, 
he’s the perfect gentleman.
The #3 brush stroke is to be open and 
confident, very complimentary and 
expanding on the commonality between 
him and the girl.
Usually, this guy is a pretty good lover, 
he basically stakes his life on how good he is.
The ‘hustler’ type of guy hustles everything 
and everybody, including his girls. This type 
of guy will do anything and say anything to 
get what he wants. He knows how to be a 
‘romeo’, he knows how to be a ‘ken’ he 
knows how to be a ‘pick up artist’ and etc. 
The ‘hustler is a jack of all trades, his 
woman, or women is his base of 
operations. They rarely have homes of 
their own, not having an address keeps 
them from getting caught doing their hustling.
This type of guy doesn’t need a job to have 
money and a car, that’s how good he is at hustling. 
He is a great lover usually, because he knows 
how to give a woman what she wants…BIG orgasms. 
A hustler will focus all of his energy into doing that, 
because it means more things for him outside of 
the bedroom.
Have you ever wondered why a girl that drives a 
98 Chevy will go and sign her name for brand 
new car hot off the assembly line, for her boyfriend? 
BIG orgasms. They lose their damn minds.
The ‘gentleman’ is a man that loves his mom, 
he will look for that in a girl. At first, he will 
date the exact opposite. He’ll date a girl that 
is his exact opposite cause she looks good 
and let’s face it, men can be simple, if it looks 
good and fresh he’ll buy it. 
This type tend to have long relationships, 
so his first one may be terrible but he’ll 
hang in there cause good or bad, it’s 
better than dating. Eventually, he’ll listen 
to his mom, if he doesn’t the girl he 
chooses will turn into a devil after marriage. 
This type rarely thrive unless they marry 
women just like their moms. They are 
great guys, great dads, very sweet, 
but they have a hard time standing up 
for themselves because they hate 
conflict. It’s not gentleman like to 
make your wife cry, or angry, etc. 
They like peace. Nothing makes a 
‘gentleman’ type of guy happier than
to have his two ladies in the same room
together. Life’s complete.

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