Baby, You’ve Got Personality IV and Final

The ‘baby’s daddy’ type of guy treats his girl like a child, 
he tells her what to do when to do it and how he wants 
it done. This type of guy is an abuser, a woman is a 
slave to him. He trains her to answer to his voice alone. 
‘Baby’s daddies’ like to isolate their women from what’s 
familiar to her, he’ll take her away from her family after 
a pretense of showing he is going to give her nothing 
but tender loving care. Once he gets her far enough 
away from all that’s familiar to her, he will start to 
‘raise’ the girl again, to be obedient only to him. This 
type of guy professes his love for the woman as if he 
was throwing a bone to a dog. As if to say, ‘see, 
your master can be good to you and give you things, 
if you obey’.
The ‘seedy greedy’ type hates women. You can’t 
tell by the way he flirts with women. Seeing this 
type in action gives a false sense that this guy loves 
women so much he can’t be settled down with just 
one. In fact, his flirtations has two uses for him. It’s 
used as a torture tool against the woman he’s actually 
dating, and it is used as tool to lure women into his 
deviant life, where he proceeds to use them up and 
spit them out. 
This type doesn’t look to make a woman happy, 
unless he wants to raise her spirit so high, that when 
he pushes her back down again, the pain from the 
fall will devastate the woman, that obvious 
devastation in her acts as a drug for him, it get’s 
him off, it puts him on a high. Funny enough, the 
woman tends to cling to him even more, as if he 
is her only lifeline.
This type has the beginning marks of a sado-
masochist relationship type. To this type of guy, 
it’s not about sexual perversions, but about control, 
if this person can find a few people he can control, 
it makes him feel omnipotent, like a small god. The 
more he can degrade them or cause them to degrade 
themselves, the more powerful he feels.
Freud wrote, that the sadistic personality was 
someone who, regardless of his sexual proclivities, 
needed to feel in control of others, often demeaning 
them and making them feel dependent upon his 
strength and power. The masochist, in turn, was not 
just a person with a sexual perversion, but one who 
felt safe and secure under the control of a stronger 
person who told him what to do and how to live. 
Quote from 
The women that he entrap are already ‘broken 
women’. Women who are lost when they are 
alone, in some cases, women who have been 
in some way, sexually abused. There’s this 
crazy scientific fact that says that in most cases 
of people that have experienced a rape or 
abuse in their past, remembered or not, 
they are destined to be victimized again. 
It’s the weirdest thing, but unfortunately 
very true. The women in this type of guy’s 
life are being victimized.
Rational thought will be, ‘what does this 
guy have that makes her allow him so 
much control’. Really, it’s not what he 
has, it’s what she doesn’t have. Eventually, 
he will be done with girl, when he has made 
her do the ultimate thing, only he knows what 
that will be, he will leave her to move on to 
the next prey. The woman that he leaves 
behind, will only be a shadow of what she 
once was.
The ‘butcher’ the ‘baker’ the ‘candlestick maker’. 
The ‘butcher’ is just a guy that likes to get right 
down to business, no finesse, no pretense, 
straight to the bone. He he is touchy, feely 
and he makes it known right away what he 
wants and if you say no, he’ll get pushy, when 
you finally get your message across he turns 
on you and cuts you to the quick, He will 
call you every degrading name in the book.
The ‘baker’ is someone who does things 
slow, he will say he is going to call, but 
two weeks go by and no phone call, so 
you call him and you go out once more. 
He again says he’ll call, but a week goes 
by and no call from this guy comes.
For the ‘baker’ women are like kneading 
dough, he lets it rests for a while, 
refrigerate it even, and if he can’t find a 
better loaf of bread on the shelf, he’ll 
come back to you and knead some more. 
A lot of girls don’t make it to the oven 
cause the ‘baker’ actually hates to bake, 
he’ll much rather take someone else’s 
work off the shelves then make his own. 
The ‘candlestick maker’ is a guy that 
loves to mold his women. He likes to 
get them while they’re young and 
basically he will use hints to show a 
woman what looks good on her, 
before you know it, she’s wearing 
what he wants her to wear.
He’ll hint that her friends are seeing 
more of her then he is, and before 
you know it, she’s seeing less of her 
He’s not really abusive at first, he 
does things by using subtle hints, 
coercion, and by showing her a lot of 
appreciation when she does things 
that he’s hinted at her to do.
I sometimes call ‘candlestick makers’ 
you don’t know that term, or the 
term, Stepford Wives, look it up 
and you’ll get the idea.
There are many, many more types I 
could write about, the list could run on 
forever. I’ve heard some professors say, 
‘when you write, stick with what you know’, 
well the types I’ve discussed here are types 
that I see everyday in my family. While I 
didn’t name names, I very well could have 
as well as given you their stories, but it was 
enough just to write about them all in a round 
about way.
Oftentimes, some of them are several types at 
the same time. lmao These types may or may not 
fit someone you know, if it does, it wasn’t on 
purpose. I was just tired of hearing how some of 
the women in my family just keep doing the same 
things over and over again and for 2 of them in particular, 
their health is in serious danger, so I wrote this in order 
to get rid of some frustrations. But it is also done in a 
‘tongue and cheek’ manner, cause I try to get the humor 
out of everyday life so my everyday life doesn’t drive 
me to drink.
the end

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