Mon Chéri

  A child was born from love, a little bundle of joy held

in her proud parents’ arms. Mon Chéri, they named her,
to fondly remind them of the place she was concieved.
  On Mon Chéri’s second day of birth, she was taken
to her sweet little home, where she would grow into
the beautiful young woman she is today. As it turns
out, Mon Chéri’s parents were unable to add any
more bundles of joy to their loving family, leaving
Mon Chéri an only child. Mon Chéri was loved
and yet, not spoiled. She was kind, honest, and
loving, with a sweet disposition. Everyone that 
met her, smiled, because this sweet young
woman, seemed to carry the sun around in
her smiles.
  Mon Chéri worked as a elementary
teacher. Although to her, it was far from
work, she loved being a part of the growth 
of all the children she taught. The children
loved her just as much. She was 
overwhelmed, at times, with gifts that the
children insisted upon giving her, just so
that she would know how happy they
were to have her as their teacher. 
  Also, for three days a week after 
teaching in school, she would teach
after school, in a little room at the
public library. To Mon Chéri,
teaching adults that had not yet
learned to read, was a fulfillment
in it’s own way.
  Even though Mon Chéri, walked
with a happy bounce in her step
and a heavenly smile on her face,
everyone that she knew or met all 
wished for the same thing on her
behalf, they all wished that  Mon Chéri
would find, Mr. Right and settle down.
Mon Chéri’s parents were so insistent
upon it, that Mon Chéri would often
regret walking into her sweet family
home when she visited. Although she 
adored her loving parents, it hurt her 
her soft heart that no one could see
what she already knew, that the joys
in life wasn’t from being a couple,
but in knowing  who you are and being 
great at being yourself, rather with 
a mate or not. Regardless, Mon Chéri
knew, that when the time came it 
would not be something she would 
force, it would come in due time, 
meanwhile, she would continue to
enjoy life and all it held for her.
   Of course, all the guys that came 
into contact with her wanted to be
THE guy, so she had many dates 
to choose from, but none so far
were Mr. Right. So in the meantime,
she had a ball being the gorgeous,
flirty single woman that she was.
  Mon Chéri’s  life was full, full
of love, family, friends, and work.
All were things that she loved and
gave her all too. But what she didn’t 
know was that one of her dear friends
loved her in a way that went beyond
friendship. He knew for him, she 
was THE ONE, and to him, he
was her Mr. Right. This presented
a dilemma for him, does he tell
her and risk the friendship being
ruined with the disgust she may feel
at hearing his love being put into 
words or does he continue to keep his
love, painful though it is, locked 
up in a far away place. 
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