Mon Chéri

  Mon Chéri and several of her closest friends, always
spent their birthdays together. The self-proclaimed,
Mr Right, had never been to any of their parties, 
not just because he was never invited, but also
because he didn’t celebrate birthdays, not even his
own. He would always call and wish Mon Chéri a very
happy birthday, to him, it was the most important day
on his calendar, after all, it is the day his love was
born and for him, it was the day his world began
to spin.
  The self-proclaimed Mr. Right worked hard at
being invisible to Mon Chéri, the fear of having her
find out how deeply he loved her was far stronger
then his wish to have her near. He knew if she was
nearer to him, he would not be able to hide what
he felt. Any time they did come into contact with
one another, he held himself back to the point
that Mon Chéri was oten left thinking that he
was a cold and unfeeling man. Though that
did bother Mr. Right, he felt that to relax his 
guard around her, would spell doom for the
little relationship that they did have,
  He turned into the jack of all trades for her,
if she needed help with her teacher’s
assignments, he gave it, if she needed her
drain unclogged, he was there, if she needed
a listening ear, he gladly listened. It was as
if, doing for her was all that he aspired to do.
In fact, having his love returned was something
he never allowed himself to dream, for that
would be false hope. It would just have to be
enough that she allowed him to stand on
the outskirts of her life. Pathetic though it
sounded, fear dictated his actions, so it
had to be just as it was.
  Mon Chéri never knew the thoughts
running through her friend’s head, to her
he was just a good listener, a filler for
boredom when she wasn’t doing things
with her close friends or her dates, or her
school kids, or her library students. Even
though he had been in her life for many,
years she knew practically nothing about him,
if someone was to ask her to describe him
she would just say, "He’s nice, sweet, and
cute, I suppose."
  Each of them, the self-proclaimed
Mr. Right and Mon Chéri, viewed love
differently. Mon Chéri viewed love as
getting everything in a guy that she desires.
The guy that was mr. right for her, would
fit her list of requirements to perfection.
For Mr. Right, love for him was freedom,
in a very spirtual way. It made him feel
superhuman, the colors that he saw were
brighter, the flowers that he passed,
smelled sweeter, he felt that he could
walk on sand and not leave a footprint,
because love had given him wings. Love
enpowered  him to do greater things,
like thinking of someone else’s happiness
not just his own, whether that person
will be with him are not.
  The day finally came that Mr. Right had
dreaded for years,  Mon Chéri had found
the perfect guy, he fit everything on her list.
She knew he was the ONE, the guy she
could finally use the words, "I love you" on.
  Although, Mr. Right’s thoughts screamed,
  He quietly congratulated her and disappeared
from her life and in his prayers he wished
for her, HIS wife, all the good things life
could find. It would be yet another party
he would not attend. Not that he was ever
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