At Dawn’s Early Light (tentative title)

  Early Autumn morning, the day dawns, and as the light from the rising sun moves across Fisherman’s Wharf, over in a shadowy corner rarely viewed by the many tourists that visit’s the more popular sites on the wharf, as the sun moves to lighten every corner, it reveals a horror show, a dead body has been found and has attracted a small crowd of onlookers as police dressed in their blues, roped the scene off from closer inspection by the onlookers. As is the usual routine, the CSI and homicide detectives arrived at the scene to assess the situation. It’s clear at first view of the scene by the four detectives that have arrived, that it’s a murder case.


 The body, though dressed in a beautiful and obviously expensive designer dress, was grotesquely twisted with both hands and feet tied together behind the victim’s body. The victim’s long shiny black hair hid her face from view, once the CSI team had finished with their pictures and evidence collecting, one of the detectives, the senior most one of the group of four, carefully moved the hair from the face of one of the most beautiful women he had ever seen. That was brought home even more when you consider that this senior detective had been a cop for over 36 years and had seen a lot in this beautiful city of San Francisco, his hometown.


 As he grimaced at seeing such a waste of a beautiful young lady, who to his experienced eyes show she was not a tourist and not the average person you would find in this exact area, this crowded place. She looked like a well to do housewive that just came from one of those fancy shmancy business dinners that her husband may have forced her to attend. The senior detective, George Leitman, checked the fingers of the beautiful victim and found no evidence of her ever having worn a wedding ring, now or in her immediate past. The dress she wore was a gorgeous, royal blue short skirted dress. Her face was so well made up it looked like a professional painted her picturesque face. The shoes she wore silver and blue 4 inch heels, perfectly matching her dress.


 Det, George Leitman was soon satisfied with what he had viewed of the body and the scene, and once his fellow detectives were done with their observations and search of the scene, they allowed the body to be removed from the site. But, the detectives knew that their work had just begun. Since Det, Leitman was in charge at the scene of a possible murder, he could either take the case and he and his partner of the past ten years, Randall Bobbitt, would handle it or assign it to the two younnger detectives at the scene. Det. Leitman could tell that this case was going to take a lot of interviewing witnesses and even more legwork, so for him his decision was easy to make, he handed the case off to the two younger detectives.


 The two younger detectives weren’t your ordinary homicide detectives. These two had a reputation for being completely inept. They always seemed to close there cases, though, somehow they always seem to be in the right place at the right time, or wrong time if you asked the perpetrators they’ve sent to prison. Let’s take for instance how these two actually became detectives.


 Beanie Frick and Frank Frack started out their careers in the same police academy, where they immediately became fast friends. They always seemed to get paired off with each other, which worked out great for the two fast friends. They had been on their very first beat together for little over a week when Beanie, driving their assigned police unit, went the wrong way up a one way street, maybe you’ve heard of it? Lombard Street, one of the most famous one way streets in the country, apparently this is the one cop that didn’t know, at least not until his partner began to scream like he was one of the girls that Michael Myers from the horror movie, Halloween, was after.


 It turned out all good, they ended up running smack into the car of a couple of kidnappers that had just taken the Mayor’s, not missed yet,  daughter. The Mayor was so happy that he turned into Frick and Frack’s genie for a day and granted them any wish that they so desired. They both wished for homicide detective shields and so their wish was granted.

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