Baby, You’ve Got Personality IV and Final

The ‘baby’s daddy’ type of guy treats his girl like a child, 
he tells her what to do when to do it and how he wants 
it done. This type of guy is an abuser, a woman is a 
slave to him. He trains her to answer to his voice alone. 
‘Baby’s daddies’ like to isolate their women from what’s 
familiar to her, he’ll take her away from her family after 
a pretense of showing he is going to give her nothing 
but tender loving care. Once he gets her far enough 
away from all that’s familiar to her, he will start to 
‘raise’ the girl again, to be obedient only to him. This 
type of guy professes his love for the woman as if he 
was throwing a bone to a dog. As if to say, ‘see, 
your master can be good to you and give you things, 
if you obey’.
The ‘seedy greedy’ type hates women. You can’t 
tell by the way he flirts with women. Seeing this 
type in action gives a false sense that this guy loves 
women so much he can’t be settled down with just 
one. In fact, his flirtations has two uses for him. It’s 
used as a torture tool against the woman he’s actually 
dating, and it is used as tool to lure women into his 
deviant life, where he proceeds to use them up and 
spit them out. 
This type doesn’t look to make a woman happy, 
unless he wants to raise her spirit so high, that when 
he pushes her back down again, the pain from the 
fall will devastate the woman, that obvious 
devastation in her acts as a drug for him, it get’s 
him off, it puts him on a high. Funny enough, the 
woman tends to cling to him even more, as if he 
is her only lifeline.
This type has the beginning marks of a sado-
masochist relationship type. To this type of guy, 
it’s not about sexual perversions, but about control, 
if this person can find a few people he can control, 
it makes him feel omnipotent, like a small god. The 
more he can degrade them or cause them to degrade 
themselves, the more powerful he feels.
Freud wrote, that the sadistic personality was 
someone who, regardless of his sexual proclivities, 
needed to feel in control of others, often demeaning 
them and making them feel dependent upon his 
strength and power. The masochist, in turn, was not 
just a person with a sexual perversion, but one who 
felt safe and secure under the control of a stronger 
person who told him what to do and how to live. 
Quote from 
The women that he entrap are already ‘broken 
women’. Women who are lost when they are 
alone, in some cases, women who have been 
in some way, sexually abused. There’s this 
crazy scientific fact that says that in most cases 
of people that have experienced a rape or 
abuse in their past, remembered or not, 
they are destined to be victimized again. 
It’s the weirdest thing, but unfortunately 
very true. The women in this type of guy’s 
life are being victimized.
Rational thought will be, ‘what does this 
guy have that makes her allow him so 
much control’. Really, it’s not what he 
has, it’s what she doesn’t have. Eventually, 
he will be done with girl, when he has made 
her do the ultimate thing, only he knows what 
that will be, he will leave her to move on to 
the next prey. The woman that he leaves 
behind, will only be a shadow of what she 
once was.
The ‘butcher’ the ‘baker’ the ‘candlestick maker’. 
The ‘butcher’ is just a guy that likes to get right 
down to business, no finesse, no pretense, 
straight to the bone. He he is touchy, feely 
and he makes it known right away what he 
wants and if you say no, he’ll get pushy, when 
you finally get your message across he turns 
on you and cuts you to the quick, He will 
call you every degrading name in the book.
The ‘baker’ is someone who does things 
slow, he will say he is going to call, but 
two weeks go by and no phone call, so 
you call him and you go out once more. 
He again says he’ll call, but a week goes 
by and no call from this guy comes.
For the ‘baker’ women are like kneading 
dough, he lets it rests for a while, 
refrigerate it even, and if he can’t find a 
better loaf of bread on the shelf, he’ll 
come back to you and knead some more. 
A lot of girls don’t make it to the oven 
cause the ‘baker’ actually hates to bake, 
he’ll much rather take someone else’s 
work off the shelves then make his own. 
The ‘candlestick maker’ is a guy that 
loves to mold his women. He likes to 
get them while they’re young and 
basically he will use hints to show a 
woman what looks good on her, 
before you know it, she’s wearing 
what he wants her to wear.
He’ll hint that her friends are seeing 
more of her then he is, and before 
you know it, she’s seeing less of her 
He’s not really abusive at first, he 
does things by using subtle hints, 
coercion, and by showing her a lot of 
appreciation when she does things 
that he’s hinted at her to do.
I sometimes call ‘candlestick makers’ 
you don’t know that term, or the 
term, Stepford Wives, look it up 
and you’ll get the idea.
There are many, many more types I 
could write about, the list could run on 
forever. I’ve heard some professors say, 
‘when you write, stick with what you know’, 
well the types I’ve discussed here are types 
that I see everyday in my family. While I 
didn’t name names, I very well could have 
as well as given you their stories, but it was 
enough just to write about them all in a round 
about way.
Oftentimes, some of them are several types at 
the same time. lmao These types may or may not 
fit someone you know, if it does, it wasn’t on 
purpose. I was just tired of hearing how some of 
the women in my family just keep doing the same 
things over and over again and for 2 of them in particular, 
their health is in serious danger, so I wrote this in order 
to get rid of some frustrations. But it is also done in a 
‘tongue and cheek’ manner, cause I try to get the humor 
out of everyday life so my everyday life doesn’t drive 
me to drink.
the end

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Part III of Personality

The ‘meat market’ type of guy likes a certain cut of beef, 
his favorite cut of beef he will always keep in deep freeze, but 
every once in a while he’ll walk into the same butcher shop 
and asks what’s new, what’s fresh, just to have a change 
every once in a while. But he always ends up going back into 
the deep freeze for his favorite cut of beef.
This type of guy usually has a narrow point 
of view of a woman. He’s not old fashioned, 
more like a male chauvinist attitude. If the meat 
in his deep freeze leaves he’ll just go get 
another one. These guys get girls easily, 
they are usually physically attractive in a 
rough and tumble way and there are some 
women out there that love men that are 
rough and tough, it makes them feel more 
feminine. This are also the type of guy 
that when they do marry, and yes they do 
marry, make pretty good husbands, as 
long as their mates don’t try and change 
them. They rarely  cheat because they 
aren’t too good at being deceptive, 
but if they do it’s usually with a 
prostitute…less work. Though when 
this type get older, they do tend to 
keep mistresses just to make them 
feel like they can still cut the beef.
A ‘Ken’ type of a guy is a lot like Barbie, 
he’s picture perfect. His type is a lot like 
the metro guy of today, he gets facials, 
he gets manicures and pedicures, he 
has a stylist not a barber. He knows 
just as much about clothes as a 
woman does, which is often why 
they are often mistaken as gay men.  
This type of guy does everything 
right in the public eye, he always 
seems to have that perfect smile in 
place. Underneath that look though 
is a dirrty mind…usually.
 The ‘Ken’ type is the guy most likely to
 be a closet freak in the bedroom. He 
will almost always marry the sweet 
girl that he rarely shows that side to. 
For some reason it’s always a girl 
that is not as adventurous in the 
bedroom, so he’ll always use 
that as a reason to stray. 
The ‘Ken’ type is also a type that 
most often has two faces that are 
total opposites of each other. 
Which means when they do get 
emotional, it is like an explosion 
happened, whether it’s anger or grief.
The ‘romeo’ type of guy is a sweet 
talker, a charmer, and a romantic. 
This type of guy believes that love 
is action. Every love song is how he 
feels, every poem speaks his feelings. 
A ‘romeo’ never has sex, he makes love.
Romeos of today can be pretty tragic, 
because they can get possessive of 
the girl, since not every girl that the 
‘romeo’ type of guy finds, is a ‘juliet’. 
So when the person of his attractions 
doesn’t react  equally lovingly to all 
of his romantic gestures, the ‘romeo’ 
can get desperate. He sees small 
things as rejection, like if he sees the 
girl talking to another guy, or if she 
doesn’t answer the phone, or if she 
goes out with friends instead of 
sitting at home holding his hand, to 
the ‘romeo’ type, those things 
scream rejection. 
This is a one girl type of guy, so 
if he falls for a girl that is not a 
‘juliet’ it can spell danger for any 
type of relationship.
The ‘pick up artist’ is a professional, 
so step aside. This type of guy doesn’t 
see no’s as rejection, he just sees a 
missed opportunity to get a girl’s 
number. Getting the girl to fall for 
his lines is his goal. This type of 
guy has many, many, tricks in his 
bag to play with. He can read 
women very well, he can read a
girl’s body language like a fortune 
teller reads crystal balls. 
This type of guy sees women as 
trophies, depending on how far he 
gets with a girl, he will keep an 
accounting of the dates just in case 
he wants to revisit the date again, 
but not too soon though, he 
doesn’t want a relationship, he 
just wants to play and keep his 
bragging rights. He is a very 
surface type of guy, he doesn’t 
think emotionally or deeply, 
only mechanically.
And just like an artist, he has a favorite 
medium, like Rodan loved to sculpt in 
bronze, the ‘pick up artist’  has his 
favorite material in which to create his 
best works. Creating conversation is 
his #1 brush stroke, all girls love a guy 
that listens, the master knows that. His #2 
brush stroke is to see if the girl can follow 
suggestions easily. He may start off with 
something small, for instance, if he meets 
the girl in a club he may suggest they go 
somewhere quieter to talk more, like a 
coffee shop or her place. Although, this 
type like their own spots better, they have 
spaces that’s like their own personal stage 
that they like to perform in. Plus, they want 
the girl to see them as harmless, so at first, 
he’s the perfect gentleman.
The #3 brush stroke is to be open and 
confident, very complimentary and 
expanding on the commonality between 
him and the girl.
Usually, this guy is a pretty good lover, 
he basically stakes his life on how good he is.
The ‘hustler’ type of guy hustles everything 
and everybody, including his girls. This type 
of guy will do anything and say anything to 
get what he wants. He knows how to be a 
‘romeo’, he knows how to be a ‘ken’ he 
knows how to be a ‘pick up artist’ and etc. 
The ‘hustler is a jack of all trades, his 
woman, or women is his base of 
operations. They rarely have homes of 
their own, not having an address keeps 
them from getting caught doing their hustling.
This type of guy doesn’t need a job to have 
money and a car, that’s how good he is at hustling. 
He is a great lover usually, because he knows 
how to give a woman what she wants…BIG orgasms. 
A hustler will focus all of his energy into doing that, 
because it means more things for him outside of 
the bedroom.
Have you ever wondered why a girl that drives a 
98 Chevy will go and sign her name for brand 
new car hot off the assembly line, for her boyfriend? 
BIG orgasms. They lose their damn minds.
The ‘gentleman’ is a man that loves his mom, 
he will look for that in a girl. At first, he will 
date the exact opposite. He’ll date a girl that 
is his exact opposite cause she looks good 
and let’s face it, men can be simple, if it looks 
good and fresh he’ll buy it. 
This type tend to have long relationships, 
so his first one may be terrible but he’ll 
hang in there cause good or bad, it’s 
better than dating. Eventually, he’ll listen 
to his mom, if he doesn’t the girl he 
chooses will turn into a devil after marriage. 
This type rarely thrive unless they marry 
women just like their moms. They are 
great guys, great dads, very sweet, 
but they have a hard time standing up 
for themselves because they hate 
conflict. It’s not gentleman like to 
make your wife cry, or angry, etc. 
They like peace. Nothing makes a 
‘gentleman’ type of guy happier than
to have his two ladies in the same room
together. Life’s complete.

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Part II of Personalities

‘Barbie’ is the perfect girl, she has everything she needs in life, 
money, a great body with perfect proportions, even her job is 
perfect. ‘Barbie’ girls are so perfect, it’s hard to find dates, 
because all the guys she meets think she’s taken already. So 
‘Barbie’s’ end up with whatever is left on the table.
See ‘Barbie’s, deep down inside, want the perfect family life, 
a husband, 2.4 kids, a van, a house in the suburbs, and a 
mortgage. But, her perfection limits the doors that is usually 
wide opened for girls with more obvious flaws. 
Let’s take a look at what’s left on the table. Scraps, 
overturned wine glasses, empty beer bottles, paper 
napkins. Scraps is like leftovers, that means the guy has 
a past relationship that isn’t in his past. He’s either 
married or just divorced to a woman that needs her 
light bulbs changed once a week. 
Overturned wine glasses and beer bottles, means 
a guy with issues , habits he can’t break, like 
alcoholism or a drug addiction. 
Paper napkins are recycable, which can be 
interpreted to mean that she will pick up one 
drunk for another or one broken down guy
for another one.
‘Barbies’ usually marry the same man, over and 
over, well I should say, the same type of man 
over and over. The men in her life will likely be 
weak and need constant reassurances from her,
because ‘Barbie is so perfect, it creates one 
more thing for the guy to feel sorry for himself 
about. ‘She’s too good for me, let me take 
another drink.’
Sometimes, ‘Barbie’ does manage to find her ‘Ken’, 
but she will always manage mess that relationship up, in 
some kind of way, because he’s just too perfect. 
Barbie’s are also fixers, they think that they can
change or fix the guy, if he’s already perfect, Barbie’s
question their choice as if it’s can’t be true. 
Remember this, the only perfect man is a gay man.
Hey, that’s from Barbie, not me.  
The ‘used and abused’ girl is a tale of woe. This 
type of girl has such a low opinion of herself, 
that she will take anything and call it love. A 
fist in the face, screams ‘I LOVE YOU BABY!’ .  
Words of contempt thrown at this type of girl 
must mean he’s paying her some attention. This type 
of girl will even chase after a guy after he hits her, 
with blood streaming from her nose she will beg 
for him to stay, please give her another chance to 
cook his dinner better, to iron his clothes better, 
to be quieter, to not make him mad anymore, if 
only he’ll stay.
This type of girl usually ends up with the relationship 
that lasts ’till death do us part.’ Some parts of us, the 
humankind part, wants to be concerned, we want to pull for 
the underdog, we want to cry for the dead, but then 
when we hear that these type of women always go 
back to be ‘used and abused’ once again, we end up 
shaking our heads in disgust instead.
The ‘repeater’ is a type of girl that tells herself, 
she wouldn’t date a guy that treats her friend the 
way her friend’s boyfriend does. She doesn’t want 
to marry a guy that did what her dad did to her mom, 
she would never be the other woman like the girl on
 Dr. Phil. The ‘repeater’ has all of these examples of 
what she doesn’t want, but the guys she end up with 
are exactly the guys we have heard her say over and 
over again, she would never be with.
The ‘repeater’ wants to believe she is different then 
the Barbie’s, but she repeats Barbie’s mistakes, she 
laughs at the ‘Juliets’ and yet she repeats Juliet’s giggle 
and blushes when a poetic, soft and romantic guy 
approaches. In other words, she repeats ‘Juliet’s’
 responses to fluff.  The ‘repeater’ is so good at 
repeating other’s mistakes, she more than likely 
will do the ultimate in repeats, she will marry a guy 
that has every fault that she hated in her dad.
The ‘repeater’ carries with them an illusion of 
themselves that causes them to think that the 
outcome will be different because she isn’t 
those othe types. Some of her thoughts may go 
this way: ‘I know he cheated on his last girlfriend 
a lot but he had to, she wouldn’t give him sex ‘ , 
‘ when he read poetry to me it made me feel like 
a princess, especially when he looked deep into 
my eyes’ , ‘ I’ve seen him do drugs but he’s never 
done them around me, he respects me too much’.
A ‘repeater’ never listens to her inner voice, she 
hears it, she can repeat what it says, but she never 
follows it, which is why a ‘repeater’ is doomed to 
fail. And, it’s why she will always end up at some 
point and time, mimicking those other types.
The ‘lady’ is easy, she’s the type that knows herself. 
I know what you were thinking, you were thinking 
lady as in elegance and style. This isn’t a dictionary, 
it’s not what defines a lady, it’s what defines a type.
The ‘lady’ type of girl is truly a woman in her own 
clothes. She is not stamped by outside forces, she 
is truly a mold unto herself. A ‘lady’ doesn’t need a 
man to go to a fancy dinner, she is just as comfortable 
eating alone and being unaccompanied as she is when 
there is a man. She doesn’t see the passing of time as 
a scary thing, she embraces it and all life has in store 
for her, with ever rising glee. Tell a ‘lady’ she has six 
months to live and she’ll plan a going away party, 
while inspiring others to do all they can to find a cure 
for those that are destined to have the same disease.
The ‘lady’ type doesn’t settle. Have you heard the 
saying, ‘I can do bad all by myself’ ? This is the creed a 
‘lady’ lives by. She doesn’t ask, ‘why me’, she asks, ‘why 
not me’ .  Don’t get the idea that the ‘lady’ never cries or 
feel pain in her heart, she does, she just doesn’t become 
enslaved to things like sadness, heartbreak, money, sex, 
nor even love.
I use the term lady because, truthfully, she can not be 
tied to a type, she’s not a race of woman, she’s not a 
class of woman, she’s not a woman attached to a 
number or age, she is just a lady.
I knew this lady once upon a time, she was born in 
a time that black people had no voice, but especially 
black women, they had no voice and no face. Black 
women were only required to say, ‘yes sir and yes ma’am’ . 
This lady was a tough nut, she learned toughness from 
having to fight off all the men in her family. Back in the 
day, incest was a big issue, men of the family would rape 
their sisters and their girl cousins. Instead of beating 
down this lady, it made her a fighter, she figured out ways 
to fight men bigger than she was, even if it meant a fight 
to the death. Men learned not to bother with her, to be 
honest, they were scared for their lives, to them, better to 
have sex with a pig then to fight this girl. She wasn’t allowed 
to go to school, so she would sit outside the little 
schoolhouses and look through the windows in order to 
learn to read, she wanted to be able to read her Bible.
When she got married, she had about 10 or 12 kids, 
some were lost at birth so I’m not too sure of the exact 
number, but it was a lot of mouths to feed. Her husband 
was a player and a gambler, so the money rarely made 
it home. This lady knew her children was not going to 
go hungry just because a man didn’t want to live up 
to his fatherly responsibilities, so she would hunt him 
down every pay day. This man, the husband of this lady, 
was a huge man, he was verbally abusive to her and 
often acted like a big bully. But, when it came to her 
kids, she was like a big grizzly mama bear, she would 
jack this big hunk of a man up off of his feet and shake 
the money out of him. Then she would tell him where 
he could go and he could get there broke.
This lady withstood prejudice and everyday threats 
of her sons being hanged for no other reason but that 
they spoke to a little white girl. She stood up to an entire 
town with a shotgun to prevent a hanging of her children. 
She went on to tell her husband that if he could find a place 
to be all night he needed to stay there, then took his clothes 
to the woman he was sleeping with, house, and told her 
there was the dirty drawers that went with the dirty man. 
She ended up raising her kids on her own but she still 
went after that money every payday.
This lady could have been ‘used and abused’, she found 
a way not to be that type, she could have been ‘a repeater’ , 
she only needed 2 lessons to learn, that it’s better to be 
alone then to continue repeating ones mistakes. She could 
have easily fit any number of those types at some point 
in her long life, but she rose above it.
When she was given six months to live, she stretched 
it to about 10 years and she was such a great lady, 
many came for her funereal, some had been a part of 
that white mob that wanted to hang her children, they 
had come to pay their respects and love for such an 
outrageous lady.
I consider her the greatest lady I’ve ever known, my 
grandma, may she rest in peace.
Now for my favorite part, I get to drag men into the dirt. woohoo next!!

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Baby, You’ve Got Personality

there’s the pillow talker
the baby’s mama
the fruit picker
the greedy needy
the juliet
the barbie
the used and abused
the repeater
the lady
there’s the meat market guy
the ken
the romeo
the pick up artist
the hustler
the gentleman
the baby’s daddy
the seedy greedy
and yes
the butcher
the baker
the candlestick maker do exist
The girl that is ‘the pillow talker’ has to have a warm body in her bed.
 It doesn’t matter who he is, what he is, or even if it’s a HE, as long 
as they are sharing a pillow at the end of the day. It doesn’t have to 
be someone with good conversation nor someone that is there for
 her thru the long days she has, just as long as he’s available for sex she’s good. 
Usually married men love this type of woman, they can make up 
the most outrageous lies to tell the pillow talker knowing they’ll
 have someone to have dirty sex with, at least until his wife finds out.
The ‘baby’s mama’ girl is forever her man’s mom, not his girl, his mom 
is his girl. The ‘baby’s mama’ takes care of her guy as if he was a helpless 
child. She does the basics, cook, clean, washes his dirty drawers, and 
when he wants to have some grown up kids playtime, she will hop in the 
sack and and let him have his 10 minutes to fame.
Baby’s mama’s rarely, if ever have orgasms, baby’s aren’t good at 
finishing playing with their toys. Much like actual babies, they have 
their fun and just leave the toys laying  in the place where they last touched them.
The ‘fruit picker’ is a girl that picks her man with a discerning eye, 
but just like most fruits, the guy rottens after a week. She will 
always shop for the sweetest berry, the fruit she picks always has to 
LOOK good, smell good, and sounds good when she thumps it with 
her fingers. And, it has to feel good when she holds it in her hand. 
She weighs her selections carefully, not taking more than what she 
needs. She carefully puts her fruit away, making sure not to bruise 
the fruit in any way, she doesn’t want to use the fruit right away, 
she wants to dream about the taste first, relish the fact that she made 
a great shopping choice. 
She waits so long, she kinda forgets he’s there. Really, for the 
‘fruit picker’ the rush was in the choosing, so when that rush 
burns out days later, she revisits the rush by pulling the fruit 
out and attempts to use it, that’s when she sees his flaws, 
once she starts to taste him, he doesn’t taste as sweet as in 
her dreams, once he’s inside her, he doesn’t feel as good as 
her expectations. Time for another shopping trip.
The ‘greedy and the needy’ girl is sometimes called a sexaholic, 
she craves sex like a vampire craves blood. She’s not looking for 
love, but if she finds a guy that can ‘get busy’ in bed for long hours, 
she will be with him a long time.
This girl usually ends up in a relationship with someone she can 
convince to try other ways to satisfy their sexual needs. 
The more gratifying the sex, the more degrading the acts become. 
While some may look at this girl with disdain, she didn’t get there 
on her on, a man is somehow there like a shadow in her past, 
that created this need in her to replace love with sex. Only 
the pain a man caused a woman or a little girl, can create that
view of herself. The view that she is just a body or a tool to be 
used at will. The proverbial sex toy.
The ‘juliet’ grl is a girl that loves sweet talk cause it sounds like 
love, she loves softness cause it feels like love, she loves roses, 
cause they say ‘love’. She believes in TRUE love, that can only 
happen once in a lifetime love. She actually can end up falling in 
love with a ‘romeo persona’ and when she does, no matter what 
others see in this guy for real, she can’t be made to see it, cause 
it doesn’t fit her ‘romeo persona’. 
‘Juliet’ girls gets cheated on a lot, because they tend to make 
excuses on the guy’s behalf. Even if all the guy says is, "Babe, 
I’m sorry", she is ready to forgive. In her head, she made him 
feel unloved so she has to try harder, she has to be softer, 
sweeter, more of a woman in order to keep his attention.

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you can start off on top 
then I come get it 
turn around  excuse me let me ride you  for a minute 
 I’ll make your body scream oh oh oh
girl I’ll make you scream oh oh oh
find your personal spot 
experiment your physics 
baby after one shot betcha gon give it to me
make your body scream oh oh oh
girl I’ll make you scream oh oh oh

girl if you’re looking for loving 
let your body come to me 
this mission goes undercover 
got the only gadget you need yeah 
tell me if you accept
my hands are on that 
it’s time to take charge 
girl  let’s go in debt
girl lets flex 
time to have sex 
put you on the table so you kiss 
what you wanted to

you can start off on top 
then I come get it 
turn around  
excuse me let me ride you  for a minute 
make your body scream oh oh oh
girl I’ll make you scream oh oh oh
find your personal spot  
experiment your physics, 
baby after one shot betcha gon give it to me
make your body scream oh oh oh
girl I’ll make you scream oh oh oh

no surrender no truce 
war on that thing girl 
lick it stick it switch positions flip and make it sing girl  
one to bat when you’re rolling not so fast
I may be holding on 
coming on top 
open up shop 
legs on my shoulders the keys to your lock 
now stop
 girl flex 
time to get wet
 tells me that you want it while I put it to you

you can start off on top 
then I doggy style grip it 
if you need loving from a thug come and get it 
don’t be shy 
cause I’m your guy 
girl you can start off on top 
then I missionary stick it 
if you need loving from a thug then come and get it 
don’t be shy 
cause I’m your guy 

you can start off on top 
then I come get it 
turn around excuse me let me ride you for a minute 
make your body scream oh oh oh
girl I’ll make you scream oh oh oh
find your personal spot 
experiment your physics 
baby after one shot betcha gon give it to me 
make your body scream oh oh oh
 girl I’ll make you scream oh oh oh

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Apple of My Eye

She is a wonder, she is feisty, strong, 
loving, and sweet, she is everything 
to me.
We laugh, we play, we have our
faith, we pray. We argue, we make 
up, we’re like hot chocolate in a
cup. She’s the marshmallows I’m
the chocolate, hot or cold, we
are forever partners.
From the start, our connection
was strong, we could tell each
other anything, our conversations
were long. 
I’ll never forget how we finished
each other sentences, or typed
the same words at the same time.
Or how we tore down each
other fences crossing every
I love her, I like her, it’s a 
rare thing, she’s like my
sister, my best friend, the
air under my wings.
You heard of 2 peas in 
a pod, pork ‘n’ beans,
chicken and rice, sweet 
and sour, naughty and nice.
We’re all that, opposites
but matched, different but the
same, I’m a lock she’s the
I miss her when she’s away
It’s the funniest thing, I was
never lonely until I found her.
Is that not weird or what?
I miss that crazy heffa I’ll
be so freaking happy when
she gets back.
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The Unique Eunuch


No matter To Whom the Bell Tolls, you never get the message, stay clear of The Woodsman, I
 Saw him in my dreams, it was as if I was in a real life Scary Movie, but you couldn’t hear my
 Screams. Don’t go Deep into the Woods, The Reservoir Dogs are barking, the sound is like A
 Touch of Evil. There is no safety in Numbers, The Beast loves the Scent of a Woman, he looks
 to Devour, his Jaws are wide open, Once Bitten starts the Countdown to your Final Hour.
For such a young girl, you wouldn’t think she had her rituals, the little routines that kept her in
her happy place, and yet she did. First thing in the morning she would brush her teeth and wash
her face before getting dressed. Every morning she would turn on the radio to hear her favorite
deejay play her favorite songs. Every night would end the same way, brushing of her teeth, 
washing up, getting into her pajamas and listening to music as she fell asleep. So why would
this day be any different?
Saturday’s routine was full of fun, as usual, then taking a break from all of the horseplay 
from outside, as usual, the young girl went inside to sit in her favorite chair, as usual, she
turned the television onto her favorite Saturday afternoon dance show. Not as usual was
a knock at the back door, who could it be? Uncle Charlie wants in, it had to be cool
even though she’s alone, the rest of the family was next door, including my aunt, his wife.
What could he want, just saying hello he said, he asked the young girl what was she 
watching on t.v., Soul Train was her answer, as she sat back down in her favorite chair,
to continue watching her favorite Saturday afternoon t.v. show, as usual. 
Uncle Charlie chose to watch over the young girl’s shoulder as he leaned into the back 
of her chair, not as usual..  "I love you, he said, do you love me?"
"Of course, she said, you’re my uncle."
Slowly he slid his hands onto her shoulders, "Not as an uncle", he said, as he slid one
of his hands around to her small young breasts. Shock and fear went through her
body, what was happening was not as usual.
Just as Uncle Charlie slid his hand further down the front of the young girl’s body
she found the strength to jump up and run, she ran as fast as she could towards
the voices of friend’s playing outside. Safety in numbers, was her thought, no way
would he follow her, or would he show his hand so daringly? Afraid to look back,
she joined in the horseplay, if someone called her name, she would not have
heard it, the only sound she knew was the loud beating of her own heart. 
Not as usual, she played until dark, not as usual, she was one of the last
to leave the park, not as usual, she asked a couple of friends to walk her home,
not as usual, she lie awake till dawn. The room held shadows that seemed to
move and as the house became quieter she could still hear the whisper of a voice
she could not block out, "Do you love me?"
Not as usual, no more routines.  
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